Remember the last time someone forgot your name?

From: Ted Bernett
Friday, may 14th 2012


Hey there,

If you are reading this, you've probably found my site while googling on how to impress a girl, a guy, your boss or something similar.

Whoever you want to impress, be it a girl or alien invader from outer space, you have come to the right place. This website will change your life, forever. And I mean it.

My name is Ted Bernett and I have spent the last 18 years studying this exact topic. How to impress people. How to leave them speechless, how to win their hearts, and how to use this skill to make people do what I want them to do.

It's a real science, but there is no university for it. I studied it in the field, with real people, all kinds of people, every day. I have worked as a bartender, doorman, magician, door-to-door salesman, and many other things that required me to learn the psychology of everyday people. What makes them smile, what makes them cry. What are they passionate about, and how to wake up this passion inside everyone.

I am sure you have seen people like me. When I leave the room, people are left frozen, with their jaws dropped. "What is this hurricane that just passed through?", they might ask. Even if I do not know a single person in the group I approach, after just a few minutes they are like "fuck this party, this guy is the party".

Yes, you have seen this before, I know. That's why you're here. You want to be like me, right? Because you secretly know guys like me can get anything they want. We can have any girl, any job, we can become anyone's best friend, we can make anyone do almost anything. We are the those having real fun in this life. Others, they just pass through it.

You may feel a litlle envy while reading this, or to speak frankly, you hate me. If you do, that's good. That's the sign you are ready for the change. Because, guess what bitch? This skill can be learned.

I will repeat: the skill of impressing people can be learned. Actually, no one is born with it. It's just that you've never seen those "naturally gifted" people learning and failing.

How do I know this? Because I was the worst.

Reading these lines, you probably imagine me as a confident, bold guy who can say whatever he wants to anybody, and you may think the sentences coming out of my throat are like a real-time script for a drama character who won triple Emmy Award.

And you are probably right :) But, I was not always like this. Oh, boy when I remember...

In the primary school, I was absolutely the most introvert, barely-anytime speaking child in the class. I spoke only when teacher asked me to, and every time I had to say a single sentence in front of the class, my blood was freezing like in a horror. Sometimes my mouth would open and it would take me seconds just to start speaking slowly and quietly. I was one of the most unpopular, uninteresting kids in school.

This is me in 1985. Always on the margin and completely unnoticed kid.
Kept being like that until my mid-teenage days.


So how did I change this?

This all changed when I first fell in love with a girl in highschool. She was blonde (what a cliché) and one of the most beautiful girls in school. Everybody was hitting on her. I realised that being a quiet, marginal kid would leave me nowhere, that I would probably end up lonely watching her making out with some popular guy, like I always did. It was time for change. I made my life purpose to become popular or die trying.

Lonely at home, I started to think about sentences that I would say to certain people in certain situations, in order to make them laugh. I always had a "cheat sheat" with me, a paper where I wrote pre-composed funny sentences for almost every person in school (especially girls), referring to some of their specific traits. I dropped these lines to a person only when crowd is around, in order to be heard by as many people as possible.

This may sound extremely desperate, but it worked. I was becoming interesting. More and more people wanted to be around me, and gradually I learned to invent funny and impressive sentences on the fly instead of ussing canned ones. Although I never hooked up with a girl who made me do it (she moved in the meantime), my skills enabled me to have the most beautiful girls in school. From that time, girls were not an issue any more. I always knew that I could always approach the hottest girl around and do whatever I want with her. Life became a game for me.

In the following years I worked as a bartender, car salesman, PR executive... all the professions involving people and persuasion, where my edge was always the same: I could impress anyone. One year I even worked as a street magician in San Francisco.

Last year I've decided to write a book on how to impress people. There are only a handful of books on this topic, and I've read them all. They lack one thing - expirience. All the things mentioned in these books I've known and applied for years, although I did not know the scientific name for it. But the thing is - I learned them on my own, and now I know the shortcuts. What not to do as much as what to do. And the best thing is - I have some of my own principles that I did not find in any of these books. And they are gold.

In my book I have included everything I know, including:


Underpromise, then overdeliver

Ever seen the famous Susan Boyle clip? This is basically the driving principle behind my entire mindset. 99% of the people have the same wrong strategy - trying to impress as early as possible. The key to the "wow" moment is not just to do the most impressive thing ever. The key is to make people think you're the last person in the world to impress them, and then do it. I explained all the details and strategies inside the book.

Conversation starters

In many situations, you'll need to approach and meet a person in order to impress her/him. These can be at public places, while the person is busy, or with famous/handsome people who avoid strangers and don't want to talk to anyone. To me, it's insanely easy getting the attention of these people even in the most unlikely situations. In fact - the more "impossible" the situation, it's easier for me to start a conversation. I have many canned sentences, but you will learn that most effective ones come directly out of your mind depending on the situtation.


There is one common thing all the great people in history had: excessive usage of metaphores in conversation, or in front of the masses. Using the right metaphore engages human emotions almost instantly. This is not an easy task to learn and it takes a lot of practise, but once you train your mind to produce metaphors within seconds, you will be able to activate any kind of emotions inside people's heads. They change their minds, they do things you want them to do. It is almost like a hypnosis. By the way, the entire advertising industry is based on metaphores.

Demonstration of value

Some people brag themselves trying to impress a person, and this bragging is just annoying to everyone. Much more people are doing it subtly, mentioning they've just had dinner with a celebrity. Either way, people are not stupid, they can sense that. Demonstration of value is not just about talking, it's about body language, style, and mush more other factors. Everything can be learned.


If you haven't heard - storytelling is the basis of the entire advertising and branding industry in the last 20 years. It is the primary topic of contemporary philosophy, and literally everything around you is based on it. It is the most powerful weapon today. . Stories provide order that is familiar and, at the same time, engaging; through just one story arc we experience the real rollercoaster of emotions.

Cold Reading

This is a powerful skill that can give person an impression you know everything about them, even if you've just met them. It is timeless set of techniques used by magicians, con-artists or horoscope writers throughot centuries. If you've ever read a horoscope in newspaper and thought "this is true", you've been subjected to one form of cold reading. You can do it in any social situation where there's one-on-one interaction. It works best on women, but done properly, it will work on everyone, regardless of gender or eduction level.

There are much more topics inside, and you could start applying them in the next few minutes, by downloading the book right now.



I've put my entire brain, everything I know and everything I've learned inside. The price of the book is $34, which I think is a bargain comparing to what it gives you. If you master the skills inside, you'll be able to make almost any person do what you want, when you want it. Still, if you are not sure this book is good for you, I have a fair refund policy.

Refund policy

I am completely sure this book will change your life, forever. Therefore, I am willing to give full refund to any person that does not find it valuable, for any reason. Just send me an email and I will refund you full price of the book, no questions asked. So far, I've had less than 1% of refunds, and I am pretty sure these people haven't even tried to apply anything from the book.

Ok folks, that's it. Start downloading the book right now. If you have any questions, you can contact me at